School of 科学与体育

Science and technology influence nearly every facet of the modern world and shape the daily lives of nearly every person on the planet. The results of basic and applied scientific research have a profound influence on our society and undoubtedly will play a pivotal role in the future prosperity of our nation and the world. 在USAO, we strive to ensure our students are well equipped to examine, understand and apply knowledge to solve new and existing problems.

To do this, we have an amazing selection of faculty members committed to the student’s 个别教育. 我们有 fully-equipped, up-to-date science laboratories and 小班授课. Furthermore, our programs offer opportunities for undergraduates to participate in their own scientific research.

Summer independent study projects have included cave exploration, water quality studies, state park expeditions, catapults and trebuchets, interdisciplinary mathematical connections, investigations of the American West and an online cadaver dissection lab. 我们有 several unique facilities including an alternative energy demonstration laboratory, a wildlife habitat area with an outdoor classroom and a brand new astronomical observatory.

For those who prefer to teach, our teacher certification programs are nationally recognized and accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Science changes the world — are you up for the challenge?

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